• lucinda price

    Seventeen year old Lucinda has been sent to reform school, Sword & Cross, as the result of a mysterious tragedy. She has been diagnosed as having minor episodes of paranoid schizophrenia: she sees things in the shadows, has bad dreams and often feels as though she’s caged in her own body.


    Daniel appears to be seventeen. He has an angelic beauty that would stop most women dead on the street, though the student body at Sword & Cross seems oblivious to him. Daniel was arrested while living on the streets of Los Angeles, remanded to the State and sent to Sword & Cross.


    Cam is an eighteen-year-old senior who dresses the part of the all-in-black rebel. He has a casual intensity that would be intimidating if he weren’t also the smartest kid at the school, and, on the surface, a ‘nice guy’. He is working hard to seduce Lucinda. But should she fall for him?


    Sixteen year old Arriane has mysterious scars along one side of her face and neck. She is intense, loyal, and given to violent outbursts – to such a degree that she is even feared by the teachers at Sword & Cross.


    Penn is the frumpy, friendly daughter of Sword & Cross’s departed groundskeeper. She befriends Lucinda because they are two of the only sane, stable students at the academy, and the two of them uncover the ‘truth’ about Daniel and his past.


    A close friend of Daniel’s, Roland is known as Sword & Cross’s resident smuggler and has a reputation for getting his hands on contraband. With dark dreadlocks and toothy smile, Roland is undoubtedly charming, but can he be trusted?


    A blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty, Gabbe is Sword & Cross’s very own Southern belle. After apparently being re-admitted to reform school after ‘some time off’, Luce immediately suspects that something isn’t quite right and that Gabbe could be romantically involved with Daniel.


    After a Sword & Cross lunch hall run-in, Molly and Luce take an immediate dislike to each other. Described as an ‘angry pixie’ with plenty of piercings, Molly has a rebellious streak and a permanent scowl on her face, but maybe there’s more to her than meets the eye.


    Miles is the typical boy-next-door with a splash of freckles, a friendly smile and a penchant for baseball caps. He befriends Luce at Shoreline Academy after she leaves Sword & Cross. But is ‘just friends’ really enough for him?


    Shelby is Luce’s sassy yoga-loving roommate at Shoreline Academy. Despite a rocky start, Luce is determined to break through Shelby’s grim, headstrong attitude and discover why she is shutting Luce out.